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The Girl Who Spent Thousands to Look Like a Princess Tells All About Her Weight

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Anyone remember my amazing friend Sarah Ingle?  She was instantly viral for “spending $14,000 to look like a Disney princess” article here She INSTANTLY had over 300,000 followers within days… DAYS!!  Everyone wanted to watch the freak show which they were sadly disappointed didn’t exist.

Sarah owns Princess Ever After in the Denver Colorado area.  Its a high end company with beautiful custom wigs and gowns.

Sarah’s current following on Instagram after the viral insanity settled is 106k… all from an article that went viral. This article claimed all kinds crazy stuff and the numbers kept going up.  By the time the article reached Asia the articles were claiming she had spent millions… $14k as a business expense turned into millions, the click bait was real!  The oddest story was Inside Edition called Sarah at work on her unpublished phone number, it wasn’t in the directory and even her co-workers struggled to get ahold of this information.  The blow up was insane, I remember how odd it was seeing her face everywhere… I can only imagine what it was like for her.

What came out of all of her sudden Instagram fame came brutal skinny shaming on Instagram that is RELENTLESS! This photo is edited, not for skin tone, not for smoothness but Sarah literally made herself look like she weighed more to avoid the horrible comments.  People mask their shaming as “concerned” and “you’ve lost so much weight.”  Sarah hasn’t lost any weight!

Any time she posts a picture in a swimsuit, crop top or shorts her Instagram page erupts with angry posts about how people are “worried about her.”  When anyone is so afraid of back lash of posting photos of the way they just are naturally we need to examine how we discuss weight, or the fact that we feel comfortable at all telling a woman what her body SHOULD be.  How about we love people for who they are?  Lets stop and really examine the conversation!

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Wanna Book her Company? Princess Ever After

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