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The Illegal Side of the Party Business

A new trend in the party business has cropped up recently and that is the “non profit.” I very purposefully use quotes as most are not actual non profits and not legally registered.  They just decided they don’t want to attempt to run an actual business and want to play dress up and stroke their own egos.

Let me make one really really really important distinction here, there are amazing real non profits with 501c3 designations legally run who do amazing work with sick and terminally ill children who drop everything to make magic and final wishes and they deserve any and every ounce of respect and support we can give them! They work hard and truly focus on making magic for sick children.  Lets stop taking away from these amazing organizations!  LET THEM DO WHAT THEY DO AMAZINGLY!!!

These “organizations” ask for donations with out a 501c3 designation posing as charities, or just simply approach organizations stating they are non profit (simply because they do not charge or don’t make a profit which are totally different than an actual non profit).  This hurts the real actual non profits with actual 501c3 designations with actual boards who are legally running their organizations and raising money.

There are so many girls who make princessing about them instead of the children and this has become a big funnel for it because “they are doing it for free so the quality doesn’t matter” but shouldn’t it matter more to be doing it for sick or dying children and shouldn’t it be even more about them at that point?

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