The Perfect Transition From Winter to Spring

The end of winter is almost here which means it’s fun dress and heel time.  This dress was far too adorable to pass up.  The gorgeous waist band gives fantastic shape and definition to the body overall and helps balance out the fun bell sleeves.

I cannot stress my love of this floral pattern.  The colors keep it from looking like horrible couch upholstery.  The key with florals is keeping the size of the pattern proportional to the person so the patterns don’t become overwhelming.

The bell sleeves give this dress a fun bit of drama and having the clear definition at the elbow helps them not add volume to the waist line.

I love a great mini hemline but the key to keepin it classy is the balance of the neckline.  You can only show skin one place.  It’s either neckline or hemline.  Here is the perfect example, the neckline is a nice high neck, even if it’s mostly the mesh it still gives the illusion of coverage without feeling too covered up.  It gives the perfect balance. The fitted cut of the top also really helps to keep the dress from looking matronly.

Bell Sleeve Floral Lace DressPointy Closed Toe High Heel Pump | Wide Brim Ribbon Band Fedora Floppy Hat | Flat Fold Over Clutch

This dress is the perfect transition piece balancing the florals of spring and the colors of winter (I’ll be wearing it well into spring let’s be honest).

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