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The Power of Quiet

I was having a conversation with a friend the other night, he had worked his happiness away for the past 4 years. This has gained him fantastic financial stability but stripped him of his joy.  This really got me thinking.  What are we sacrificing and what is it all really for?

It made me seriously wonder, what have we all been sacrificing?  What everyday are we choosing over our own sanity and happiness? For years not just myself but my friend struggled through life in mediocre jobs miserable as a number instead of a person, as a cog that really mattered.

I gave him the advice to meditate every day. He looked at me like I was insane.  He pictured Rifiki from Lion King instead of just quieting your mind daily.  I think finding time to really be quiet and just be silent does wonders for our sanity.  Changing the rush of everything to taking just those few moments change the perspective on everything.

I changed my mornings to include a bit of quiet time and it made a massive difference in my happiness overall, my ability to take on the day to day bullshit and really tackle the world in a powerful way.

My new morning routine has given me the ability to fill my cup in a way that lets me fill others, be more effective at my job and get more done in general.

Can I challenge you to start a morning routine? Quiet your mind, journal with a cup of coffee or tea a few mornings a week at least?

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