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The Princess Secret to Making Your Face Stay

You ever notice that no matter how hot it is that character’s makeup always look flawless in the parks? Ever wonder what their secret is to making it stay all day long even in insane heat?  Its one amazing product!

Ben Nye Final Seal

This stuff makes your face STAY!  Its no joke.  Now the application is key in this working correctly and not causing some weird spotting on your face because it is a mist. Spray it at full arms length at your face and walk into it, this is gonna seal your face to perfection.


The other big piece of how the makeup stays so well is it is all Ben Nye brand which is theatrical brand makeup designed to last through sweat and long wear.  Rumors of other brands are not true, face characters wear Ben Nye and it works and lasts!  This powder is a life saver

Ben Nye Fair Translucent Powder

Again because its designed for theater it really sets your makeup and holds your foundation in place.  Its again a little secret we use in the parks to keep our faces in place in even the worst heat waves!

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