Real Talk

The Reality We Paint

This has been one of those weeks I have been focusing a lot on what I am grateful for.  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the social media rose-colored image that we all paint for the world to see.

In this previous post I talked about how every morning I focused on the things I am the most grateful for.  This practice has changed how I see everyday.

I sit here surrounded by my rescue babies, with Diana just having gotten her cone off after a serious scare really deeply thinking.  If we spend too much time in the little boxes in our hands we suck the joy out of our everyday lives.  How often do you go on Instagram and see the perfect life of someone “ughh Susan has her 3 kids and is married and got her 3rd promotion and her life is perfect why am I such a failure?”  When in reality Susan is on the verge of a breakdown, hates her job and is up to her eyeballs in debt.  She has us all fooled doesn’t she?  I guarantee she’s looking at the single girl in her entry-level job jealous of her freedom and lack of responsibility.

Social media can lift us up or tear us down.  It’s totally up to us how we choose to interpret what we see.  The toxic view of perfection we want everyone to see through social media is slowly driving us all insane!

Lets all take a serious step back and really examine what’s reality on social media and what’s the rose colored reality that’s being painted for us.  It’s the reality we paint not actual reality.

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