I would be a total liar if I wasn’t binge watching Gossip Girl for the 9th or 10th time admiring the fabulous fashion between Serena and Blair.  Each have incredible style and the rules of fashion we have learned from them still apply all these years later.

Style Rule #1 Tweed is Timeless

Tweed is one of those fashion staples that never goes out of style.  Tweed is one of those fabrics that is usually well structured, classically fitted and shapes and styles. The thickness of the fabric keep the look always very structured.  Chanel loves tweed for a reason, Blair is a regular wearer for this very reason.

Style Rule # 2 Tights Are Not Pants

Tights are not pants are one of the one liners spoken like gospel repeatedly through the entire series.  Now tights however were a very key fashion accessory through out the entire aeecssory often worn under shorts to make them a bit more quirky, classy and less… risqué.  They made short dresses more classy, short skirts more appropriate and winter less less cold.  Now while tights shouldn’t be worn without ahem “sensitive” areas being covered.

Style Rule # 3 Never be Afraid of a Great Print

B and S both never shied away from a great print.  By great print I mean tasteful, no Jersey Shore Animal Prints are ever welcome.  They have never been afraid of bright bold color, beautiful floral print or tasteful animal print. Keeping things beautiful is always the key.

Style Rule # 4 Classics Are Classics Because They Are Always On Point

A beautiful classic dress will always be a beautiful.  The fit, color and the length are so incredibly timeless that they are worth splurging on and are classic for a reason.  Timeless items are classic for a reason.  They will never go out of style.

Style Rule # 5 Hem Lines VS Neck Lines

So the key with keeping either a low neckline or a short hem classy is one of the other.  S and B and all of their friends typically wore shorter hemlines with fabulous legs looking classy and sexy and they were able to look gorgeous doing it with perfectly tailored dresses and necklines that keep clevege at the perfectly tasteful level.

Style Rule # 6 Headbands Can Be The Perfect Polish

Lets all get real we were at some point jealous of Blair’s collection of headbands (bow goes on the right).  It can break up hair so nicely and it’s like jewelry for your hair, and can be a nice touch especially for those giant top knots.

The completely insane, unrealistic but totally beautiful world of Gossip Girl with the amazing, flattering and fabulous fashion is the ultimate lesson in dressing incredibly to the highest level and it has always stuck with me.  Whether you are a Serena or a Blair fashion wise there is something amazing to learn from both girls and their unique take on fashion…. you know you love me xoxo Gossip Girl. 😉


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