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The Secrets We Hoped No One Would Notice

This week I read an article that hit so incredibly close to home.  I remember when the chain of events that spiraled simultaneously to my own dark spiral of disordered eating.  I cried for the first time in a long time.  I broke down and ugly cried for the pain that I went through and the pain that so many have and are still going through.

She was told to look more like the ‘Little Mermaid.’ Years later, she still weighs food

A week ago I read a status on Facebook that broke my heart.  A former colleague wrote how since being cast at a park she spent every day obsessed with her weight.  She goes to boot camp, thinks about everything she eats and what she weighs EVERY SINGLE DAY.   The very first comment was “I struggle with the same thing… every day. It may not be told to my face but it’s an insecurity I feel every single day.
I wish I knew what we could do to not let it get to us…”

I read the threads over 300 comments long of young women talking about starving themselves to fit into a smaller and smaller dress with zero clue how tiny they actually got.  None of us did or in the moment do.  This is a thread full of women talking about how they starved themselves, how they were never thin enough and how they have a warped sense of body image.  The phrase “I studied my body like it was a damn experiment” hit me really hard, it’s a habit that’s hard to break still to this day!

The tiny meals described, the huge amounts of exercise, and the horrific picking apart of bodies that were already JUST FINE!   Only eating half a salad if anything while doing high amounts of physical activity in the Florida sun.

“I think all of us secretly had issues we hoped no one would notice”

“We lived in a world of silent competition of who can wear the smallest costume. So many conversations circled around the size costume we fit into, how many brackets on our skirt we needed, or how our shoulders couldn’t hold up the bodice. Bragging rights to who could fit the smallest size!  I was in no way concerned with my body (size 4) until someone said something stupid that made me question my body. Desperate to succeed, I lived on laxatives, coffee, cigarettes and diet Red Bull after that – achieved a size 0.”

A dress size doesn’t define anyone’s worth, a job doesn’t define anyone’s worth.  Read those comments carefully, these women sacrificed everything for the “dream” of being a princess and are still paying the price mentally and physically, so many of us still are!

What are we feeding to our children and what example are we setting with this?  How can we teach and do better?  This is my challenge to you!

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