The Shoe EVERY Woman NEEDS in Her Closet

Every woman needs this pair of shoes in their wardrobe hands down no questions asked!  A simple or less than simple pair its totally up to you. A nude flat is a must have!

Nude flats are the perfect shoe for any occasion! They can be very easily dressed up or dressed down. They are a quick easy shoe to grab in place of sandals or sneakers (especially in fall) while looking more put together. They automatically make any outfit look polished, chic and put together.  They blend in so well with your foot that it continues the line of your leg so beautifully.   They are the perfect neutral color that goes with everything and depending on shape are perfect for any outfit, jeans dresses, shorts, anything.

Nude flats are one of those items like black eyeliner that you will see me wearing frequently with many different looks.  They go great with everything!  Must have for every woman!

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