The Sundress Everyone Needs

Spring is on it’s way to us and I could not be more thrilled for the warm up.  I love a classically fabulous sundress that can be worn so many ways.  Anything thing from with a cute belt and flats to with a jean jacket and flips flops to even with a blazer and heels.

Now the key with the full skirt is keeping anything on top very fitted so it doesn’t look frumpy.  I added the red belt to super cinch in the waist. The pop of color and to really emphasize my waist making it look as small as possible also balancing out the fullness of the skirt.

The chevron style stripe is one of the most flattering styles because it keeps the eye guessing where to focus (this is why I chose that pop of color belt) keeping the dress as flattering as possible.

The cut of this dress is a classic shape and style.  This really classic look has become classic because it is universally flattering and transcends time.  It looks good on ANY body type and ANY size.  It’s a universally amazing dress.

I was beyond pleasently surprised when this dress arrived, it is incredibly thick and heavy. It’s a well lined and very well made dress and an incredible bargain for under $15.

When styling this dress I wanted to stay away from anything too sweet and chose a studded designer inspired flat to elongate the leg while giving it an extra edge and taking away the over the top sweetness.

Chevron Stripe Print Cami Dress | Layered with Tassel Necklace | Wide Stretchy Elastic Waist Belt | Rivets Studded Flats Shoe Slip On Pointed Toe | Flat Fold Over Clutch

This dress is an absolute must have staple item for summer and a sundress every Woman should have in her closet hands down!  It’s heavy, well made and so increadibly flattering.

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