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The Time I Was Peed on as a Princess

The “princess life” is really not always the glamorous life, and lets be real, it rarely is. You walk into every shift, every party, every day hoping for the best because you literally never know what you are gonna get.  Even when you think it’s going so amazingly well you get handed the biggest surprises and disasters… I would like to call them “opportunities” but lets be real sometimes you are cussing in your head just trying to keep it together and really attempting not to have a complete and total melt down.

Wanna know my worst, craziest party story? Ever read my “About Me” page?  The whole “peed on” thing wasn’t made up, I was actually peed on once at a birthday party, half way through the party, by the birthday girl.  

So lets start at the beginning.  I was working for another company in town long before I started my own (praise side note cause if this was in my horribly expensive custom gown someone would have been murdered) and things were going so well at this party, and the time came to sing Happy Birthday and cut the cake and take photos the whole wonderful end of the party.  Well I was holding the birthday girl and things got very… warm.  I look down and the dress is SOAKED!  

In my head I’m freaking out, “this little shit just peed on me, I was just peed on and this is the nastiest thing I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.”  Externally I still to this day have ZERO idea how I stayed so calm.  I excused myself to the restroom and wiped down the dress as best I could, I mean what can you do about a giant wet spot down the front of your dress?  I returned, cool calm and collected, cut the cake and the horrified mom could not send me on my way fast enough with a GIANT tip.  

I think I took the longest shower I’ve ever taken and that dress could not have gone in the washer any faster!  I’m cringing and shaking my head sitting here writing and remembering this story.

So true story I have actually been peed on as a princess… the glamorous life of a princess.  

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