The Ultimate Belt Guide For Women

The Ultimate Belt Guide For Women 1

One of my favorite and easiest ways to pull together any look is to add a waist cinching belt.  They can take a dress from frumpy to fabulous in an instant!  But not all belts are created equal.

The Ultimate Belt Guide For Women 2

Solid blue Velvet dressFlat Fold Over Clutch | Dress Pump

Belts to me come in 3 thicknesses: thin, medium and thick and each serve a purpose.

The Ultimate Belt Guide For Women 3


Thick belts, like this one pictured, are the one you will most commonly see me use to cinch in a shapeless outfit or really emphasize and give oomph to a waist line in any outfit.  They very clearly define the waist and give great style to any outfit (and really help give those oversized sweaters some shape instead of swallowing you whole)

The Ultimate Belt Guide For Women 4

Women’s Stretch Belt

Medium belts are my favorite for breaking up an outfit.  When a color or print can be too much of a good thing I use a simple medium belt like above to break it up and keep from looking too much like a walking pattern or piece of fruit 😂.

The Ultimate Belt Guide For Women 5

Knot Waist Sleeveless Striped DressVintage Pattern Statement Necklace | Vintage Straw Woven Handbags |  Round Toe Mary Jane Ballet Flats 

This also tends to be the size of belt included when a shirt or dress comes with one.  This is what size manufacturers make fabric belts that tie and match your clothing.  They do a great job typically but if you want to mix it up this is something to keep in mind.

The Ultimate Belt Guide For Women 6

Surplice Neck Flounce Trim Shell TopMid-Rise Skinny Jegging Jeans w Distressing | Round Top Handle Handbag | Water Drop Rhinestone Pendant Necklace | Kerrigan Slide Sandal 

Now last but not least is the skinny belt. This belt can make one of the biggest statements.  Now personally I love a pure sparkle skinny belt to make a serious statement.  They create a more delicate line across the body so the style and nature of the fabric and cut is something to really keep in mind or the belt can look out of place.

Ok ladies I hope that belts are a little less scary and that you are ready to play and make them your new best friend.  They are my favorite way to make an outfit different and work in ways it might not have otherwise.

Ive done a quick round up of belts (click the image to view more information on the belt)

The Ultimate Belt Guide For Women 7

The Ultimate Belt Guide For Women 8The Ultimate Belt Guide For Women 9

The Ultimate Belt Guide For Women 10

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