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This Summers Hottest Sandal

This Summers Hottest Sandal 1

This Summers Hottest Sandal 2

I’m sure you have seen these sandals EVERYWHERE, bloggers, Instagram and all over Pinterest (heck I clearly own multiple pairs).  But they can be spendy at over $80 a pair.  But I have found a great knock off for under $20 and the real deal for under $40!!

This Summers Hottest Sandal 3

Steve Madden Womens KannUtout Open Toe Slide Sandals

Now clearly the Steve Madden shoes are made of actual leather and the knock offs are PVC, but if its a look you are planning on ricking for only one season they are a phenomenal option.  Some items (like an amazing leather handbag) are worth an investment if you are gonna wear them regularly, but if its a one season type of item then totally go for the cheaper alternative and these are a great choice.  They were pretty comfy, fit great and for the price I really can’t complain.

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