Real Talk

Toxicity of Expectation

Should is one of those words that we really need to strike from our vocabulary.

Should is an expectation that one way or another we place on ourselves or someone else.  I know for sure I think I SHOULD be doing X,Y or Z and I should be doing something with my life.  Its a horrible combination of comparison and expectation that we pile unfairly on ourselves.

The idea “should” is what started my spiral in the first place, I should look a certain way, I should live up to an expectation, I should listen to this insane expectation.  None of us need to hold ourselves to this idea of “should.” We are where we are, and thats perfectly ok!  We need to give ourselves a lot more grace than we do.  This is how we let others tell us what we “should” be, and what we are is good enough.

Striking the phrase “should” from your vocabulary is my assignment for you this week.  Remove the idea that you are supposed to be something or someone.  You are you and exactly what and were you are supposed to be, there is no “should.”

My new book to read is Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley and I challenge you to also read it (pictured above).

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