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What Happens When You Become Well Dressed

What Happens When You Become Well Dressed 1

What Happens When You Become Well Dressed 2

What Happens When You Become Well Dressed 3

Have you ever heard the phrase “change your shoes change your life”?  There’s a reason that when we dressed in a fantastic outfit we feel great. Turning heads when you walk in a room is one of the most empowering feelings in the world.

The idea of ditching the oversized tees, leggings and flip flops for great fitting and flattering pieces changes both the way you see yourself and the opportunities in your life.  See how you show up for one part of your life is how you show up for your entire life, when you start dressing well it spills over into all of your life.

You Start Taking Better Care of Yourself

When you feel better about yourself you take better care of yourself.  When your clothes fit and make you look fab it’s always a massive boost of confidence.  When I have the extra boost of confidence I start  doing all of those amazing self care things that I seem to lose interest in when I have less self confidence.

Your Job Uplevels

No seriously, ever heard “dress for the job you want not the job you have?” It’s true! It’s much easier to be taken seriously when you look polished, presentable and put together.  At the end of the day clients, upper managers and all of your coworkers start taking you more seriously.  It’s easier to be thought of as more powerful when you are well dressed, polished and put together (let’s be real no one wants to listen to a person in I’ll fitting pants and top or flip flops and tee shirt).

What Happens When You Become Well Dressed 4

What Happens When You Become Well Dressed 3

You Become Someone People Want To Hear From

Being smart dressing means that people assume you are smart (one of the downfalls of being a woman in this world), so people listen to what you say.  The first sign in our society of a smart and educated person is being very well dressed.

You Ditch The Old Outdated Wardrobe

When you start having clothes that make you feel and look better you stop wanting to wear the crappy things in your wardrobe and are thrilled to ditch anything that is anything less than fabulous!  You know you look good and you refuse to settle for looking anything less than amazing!    This is the moment you start cleaning out your closet.  I have a post on the 7 questions to ask yourself when cleaning out your closet that is perfect for helping you clean it out!  Time to ditch the daily, sweats, flips flops and over sized tees for well fitted smart pieces that make you feel like a million bucks, and let’s be real you deserve it!

What Happens When You Become Well Dressed 6

What Happens When You Become Well Dressed 3

Becoming well dressed is a life changing life choice that improves so many aspects of your life that I’m hoping you make a giant leap to do so.  Change your clothes and change your life!


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