What I Learned About Dapper Day

Spring 2018 Dapper Day at Magic Kingdom was my very first experience.  It was a ton of fun but I can honestly say I learned a TON but it was a blast and I can’t wait till fall!

My amazing friends over at Kitty Vintage Boutique helped me put together this “dapper Alice” look.  Hat, Dress, Earrings and Purse were all fantastic vintage finds from their store.  And frankly their selection and quality is incredible (and the prices are so incredibly reasonable!).

This adorable dress was a cotton fabric which made the incredibly hot day bearable (Late April in Florida isn’t the best choice) and frankly I just felt adorable!  I added gloves, white tights, vintage inspired black shoes and a parasol.  Real Talk here, the parasol I got was total garbage!  I would never, ever ever suggest anyone order the one I got.  I am linking the one that I saw many other had that I will be getting for this fall! (serious FOMO happening here).


This fall the amazing team at Kitty Vintage Boutique will be putting together looks on their Instagram for dapper day (umm YES minimal work to look fab!).  I am looking forward to seeing their Dapper Day offerings!  Serious question, how can we get them at the expo?  Cause actual vintage gear on site sounds like the best idea ever.

My next tip? Comfortable shoes!!! These shoes were surprisingly comfortable, I would just strongly suggest adding some extra cushion in the ball of your foot cause its just not quite thick enough there so it can become painful for that reason alone if you are walking all over Magic Kingdom (I plan far less walking this fall).

Can’t wait for Fall Dapper Day and I hope to see you there!  And there will absolutely be a Dapper Day 101 post before hand!
Love and Light


P.S. I was thinking of a giveaway at Fall Dapper Day, what would you like to see me give away?

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