So living in Orlando I live in a really unique bubble, throw a dart and theres a girl who was “friends with” at least one princess at a theme park if not dozens but I went to a conference in New York City a few weeks ago and when I told people I was a retired princess they literally looked at me the same way I looked at the girls who work for Chanel (for the record we have mutual feelings)

This was a very bizarre phenomenon I really still can’t wrap my brain around, I mean at the end of the day I put on a costume and played a cartoon and got realistically paid pennies to do it.  People saw the fantasy, people saw the idea of being a princess in the Kate Middleton/ Meghan Markle way not the sweating in 102 Florida summers, eating disorders and management that doesn’t care about you.  They didn’t see the mega company that sees its performers as a number, they were suddenly 5 again with that cartoon standing in front of them again.

At this conference I met so many amazing women who even worked for the UN in amazing capacities. How do we make THEM the rockstars that turn us into bumbling 5 year olds that make us feel the way Chanel made me feel?  How do we make the Malias of our world the real rockstars of our future generations?

I genuinely have no clue but that is my challenge to you my readers and to myself to figure out!  How do we shift from something so superficial to something so incredible?

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  1. Amazing post! I wondered what you meant by “retired princess” at first I was like huh? But totally love how you spun it and how it gave you a unique edge for promoting your Blog!! Keep us the awesome posts and living the dream!

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