Real Talk

When What You See in the Mirror Isn’t Reality

After so many years of struggling with learning to have a more healthy relationship with food the one thing I’ve never learned to have a better relationship with is the mirror.  See what you see when you see a photo of me is not the same as when I see the same exact photo or myself in the mirror.

No matter how fit I get, how ripped my abs are or thin I am, I can still pick apart my body.  I could sit and pick apart every “flaw” for hours.  There is no being happy with how I look.  I genuinely will never be able to see what you see.  Now can I tell myself its a crazy voice in my head? YES!  Has that always been the case? NO!

When I let someone tell me the way I looked defined my value was the day this monster took over my mind and it never totally left.   I know this voice that says I’m not good enough is crazy.  Have I gotten to a place where this monster no longer controls my life? Absolutely!  Its still there, but it no longer controls me.

(Obligatory pug photo… cause pug!)
The worst part might be the worry about other people judging my size, my body or how I look.  Choose your words wisely, you never know the battles people are fighting.

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