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When the Spoon Isn’t Full of Sugar

I sat down over a fantastic dinner and drinks with my friend Christen and we chatted about her many years in theme parks.

Christen had a dream just like so many girls, to be a princess.  Stubbornness was the key piece in her hiring.  She decided after enough auditions and fittings they would eventually have to pay her and sure enough that day finally came.

She was hired as part time and as she puts it, its the worst place to be.  You aren’t guaranteed the types or frequency of shifts, and poor Christen was stuck in the costume that is dreaded the most in her height (and it was the only she was approved in).

The glamour and magic of the job ends the first day after training when you realize its just like groundhog day, you literally say the same thing over and over again hundreds of times a day.  As a group her roles performers were incredibly outspoken about serious issues plaguing them, but the things like the health and wellness of the performers was sacrificed time and time again and the process to change it was incredibly slow.  

To this day she is annoyed she spent that time (and much of her voice) on a job that leads no where.  She left with no new skills to help her down the road and never finished her classes, but as she puts it “so many just need to get it out of their system and nothing I can say will change their minds, I wish I could.”  So many girls never finish school (not saying my education has done me a ton of good outside of having that piece of paper), but their lives get put on hold for a job.

Christen recently closed her full time show but has (as per usual style) landed on her feet and performs still in one show and has joined my retired princess life (literally works with me now 😉 ) in the car show industry.  Life after it all isn’t as scary as people think and heck it can be a lot more lucrative!


Love and Light,

P.S. Yes she can say it backwards in the accent 😉 but is there a story you want to hear?

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