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Why I Totally Retired Part 2

So I wanted to do a bit of a follow up to m first post about retiring because I got A TON of messages and I wanted to really publicly answer a ton of questions!

So many people contact me stating its their dream and asking how I did it.  The answer is simple, I auditioned.  Do I know why I was cast beyond the fact I look like someone else who did the role? Nope! Not a single clue.

The brutal realities in the park is its hotter than you will ever imagine, you will sweat from places you never imagined you could sweat from, and you still better make your quota of families, all while looking picture perfect and not eating enough so you can fit in the smallest size possible so no one says anything about your silhouette.

READ THAT PARAGRAPH AGAIN, THEN AGAIN…. the mental manipulation that drives you to need to be that level of unattainable perfection never goes away.  The scars stay for life.  The obsession with unattainable perfection NEVER ever goes away.

When I left the parks and moved onto the parties the judgement the children had for each other was HEARTBREAKING!  Statements like “You can’t dress up as that princess you are too *insert horrible insult here (fat/ugly/dark you get the idea)” What are we teaching them?  Here I was in this giant gown telling myself I was teaching kindness, manners and goodness (what everyone claims princesses teach our girls) and this wasn’t the message that they were getting.  The message that was getting across was shallow, cruel and flat out mean.  I couldn’t be part of that!  I could be part of the shallowing out of our girls!  Why were we teaching them to be this?

The whole thing is just so incredibly heart breaking, we can and have to do better by this next generation!  I could no longer be part of the problem, I need to be part of the solution!

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