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Why That Woman Was A Bitch To You

I’ve seen this floating around quite a bit recently and it hit me HARD!  I remember being trapped in a booth with a friend and a guy threaten me because I wouldn’t take his advances and somehow he was entitled to sleep with me.  This guy threatened to smash my face in, make me sorry for wronging him and then take what he wanted…. he went from hitting on me to that.  REALLY LET THAT SINK IN! I was in a bar where I know the owners and bar staff and it still happened.


Women and their bodies are still something that Men of our country feel so entitled over. No Woman is ever required to take a drink, go out on a date with or sleep with anyone she doesn’t want to PERIOD END OF STORY!  Its 2018 and I’m in shock that threatening girls into “linking or dating you” is ok or common anymore!

The pressure to be a “nice girl” supersedes any to feel comfortable, respected or frankly safe.

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