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The Nasty Reality of WHY You Need to Wash Your Brushes

Serious beauty topic on the roster today…. WASH YOUR BRUSHES!!!

A very good friend of mine recently had to literally throw out ALL of her brushes (some of which I gave her) and start from scratch because she got an infection in her skin that grew in her brushes then on her skin.  ICK!!!

You should be cleaning your brushes every other week, thoroughly deep cleaning them.  Our eyes especially are susceptible to so much bacteria.  Our faces are literally full of millions of holes (pores) that its up to us to protect it from as much bacteria as possible.

Personally I am a huge fan of baby shampoo to clean my brushes with.  It avoids overly drying out the brushes too much and gets them perfectly clean.  I use the following technique to get my brushes squeaky clean.

#1 Dampen your brushes with luke warm water, using hot water is going to strip the brushes and dry them out further than necessary and shorten their life span, it will also loosen the glue on the brushes.

#2 Next add a tiny bit of the shampoo and work it into the fibers of the brushes working the makeup out of them

#3 Rinse the soap and makeup mixture out of the brushes and repeat as many times as necessary till the water runs clean

#4 Shape the brushes into the desired shape then lay flat to dry (if necessary continue to reshape while drying till they become the desired shape)

Its a pretty simple process but make sure that you keep them as clean as possible to avoid skin, eye infections and having to throw out your brushes!

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