Sometimes we are our very own worst critics.  We have a picture painted in our heads of how life should turn out and it’s far too hard on ourselves.  So what if we don’t have a picture perfect life by the time we set for ourselves or if ever?  The idea of a perfect life is an illusion.  It’s an unfair expectation that we place on ourselves.

We set ourselves up to think that we should be doing everything perfect in life, so when it’s not, we think we’re not doing everything right.  Life doesn’t always pan out the way we planned but it doesn’t mean that we’re “screw ups” it just means we’re taking an alternate path.  We set ourselves up to fail with impossible standards, and that’s the key.  When we stop expecting something impossible we realize we’re doing much better than we first thought.

Our society tells us that we need to get married, have kids, get an education, buy a house with a white fence and YOU DONT HAVE TO! We live in an amazing time when we can carve out our own path and live our own life that we design to be whatever we want.  But don’t measure yourself based on that idea, measure yourself based on your own happiness, measure yourself based on you!

I promise you are doing so much better than you think!  Have a little faith, don’t compare your beginning to someone’s middle.  The world of should makes us think we are doing far worse than we actually are. You’ve got this and you are doing so good!

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