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YSL Lipgloss is LIFE!

I was sent this amazing lipgloss from YSL from Influenster to try.  I typically won’t blog about the items because frankly until now they haven’t been worth writing about.  Not much has blown me away to this level… UNTIL NOW!  Holy crap this is worth every penny of the price!


This “Balm” goes on like literal water.  Its buttery, smooth…  I guess refreshing?  Its incredibly hard to describe but I’M OBSESSED!  Its the perfect sheer everyday color (I received 12 Chase Me Nudes) not too much and not to sheer and I’m not sure I can ever go back!

I have been wearing this gloss literally every day since I got it and I don’t think that will ever change!  If you run into me at a Disney Park, ask! Ill genuinely have this on me!  And also say “hi!!” Not gonna lie it warmed my heart to have those of you at Dapper Day say hi!!!

Shop this gloss here!


Love and Light,



P.S.  Next week I’m thinking of doing a break down of either my eye makeup or HOW I apply my foundation.  What would you find more useful?

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